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BEST 1425

Radiator & cooler systems cleaner without any interruption



BEST 1425 comes in powder form and must be dissolved in water in a ratio of 5 to 12% by weight. That is, 100 kg of solution should be created from 95 kg of water and 5 kg of powder to 88 kg of water and 12 kg of powder.

The solution is able to clean copper, steel and aluminum circuits from light oxides and stains.

Can be used for cleaning:

  • Cooling towers

  • Heat exchanger channels such as car refrigerators etc.

  • Water Pipes

  • Chemical manufacturing equipment such as stirrers and reactors etc.


In the final solution BEST 1425 the pH ranges between 6 and 7. This makes the product completely safe when handling, using and disposing of the environment.

The BEST 1425 is ideal for work that requires chemical cleaning in inaccessible places and on complex and labyrinthine routes, without the damage that can be caused by strong acids.




  • Removes rust and cigars

  • Provides excellent cleanliness for further processing of metal surfaces.

  • Neither neutralization nor other treatment is required for its disposal

  • It has an almost neutral pH and thus ensures longer life of the equipment, safe transport and storage of the product.

  • The powder form minimizes transport costs

  • It is a 100% active product without inactive elements

  • It dissolves easily in water


Way of use


Add BEST 1425 to water until desired. The maximum solubility in water is 12 - 14% by weight.

The solution has excellent results when the surfaces are completely inside it and if the solution is heated. Practically fill your vehicle's refrigerator and let it work. The temperature that will be developed, helps the cleaning.

Leave the solution in the refrigerator until it is completely clean. This can take from a few hours to days. The time depends on the shape and material of the object being cleaned, the degree of corrosion - oxidation and the temperature of the solution.




Form: Dust

Color: White to yellowish brown

Smell: Slightly alkaline




The BEST 1425 is available in packages of one kilo, 20 kilos and 45 kilos.

When not in use, it should be stored in a dry place, not directly under sunlight at temperatures up to 500 C. Under these conditions, the product can be stored for up to 36 months.

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