Eco Sealing Rubber

Tyre protection system for all tubeless tyres


Balanced Eco Sealing Tech

B.E.S.T. repairs immediately the tire before even noticed

Designed as gel type sealant, covers the whole tread area and seals any air leakage caused by penetrating objects

E.S.R.* is a resin applied permanently on the tread area Surrounds the penetrating object and fills the wound Prevents air leakages and maintain the tire pressure on the desired level

Feel safe using E.S.R.* in all vehicle’s tires. Enjoy your trip and buy your peace of mind


 Eco Sealing Rubber

ESR creates robust and permanent patches. Sealing holes up to 6mm on tread area of all kinds of tyres. Permits inspection of the elbows and side walls

No effect on balancing, rims and metal parts of the carcass, and TPM Systems, Reduces the rolling noise

Flexibility in use. It can easily be applied in every tyre the client may choose.

Fairly priced compared to the safety it provides Applied ONLY once in the lifetime of the tyre.

Rubber based resin, extremely viscous Completely Ecological green product.