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Balanced Eco Sealing Tech

Tyre protection system for all tubeless tyres

Eco Sealing Rubber

Why tires are important?

Tires are the only vehicle's contact with the road.

They are responsible for:

  • steering

  • braking,

  • the acceleration of the vehicle and

  • absorbs all road surface irregularities.

Safety being our primary concern, we developed a product that protects tires and prevents any loss of air*.

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What is BEST ESR? 


Our company's long-term research and development of new technologies, as well as numerous experimental efforts, led the innovation department to produce a new rubber-based resin.

The new product under the trade name Eco Sealing Rubber (ESR) is a highly cohesive resin with a very high viscosity that adheres to the inner surface of tires before any leakage occurs.

If there is a hole from a penetrating object e.g. nail, screw, thorn etc, the resin will stick around the object and stops the leak.

When the object is removed the resin is absorbed into the wound and completely covers the gap, sealing it.

ESR creates a strong and permanent patch, the strength of which depends on the strength of the tire reinforcement at the specific point.

We guarantee sealing holes up to 6mm for all types of passenger cars, such as Sedan, SUV, 4x4, Pick-up, Motorcycle, ATV, etc., as well as armored vehicles.

BEST ESR Qualities



Avoid accidents and their consequences.

E.S.R. creates a robust & permanent patch.

Seals tread holes up to 6mm on all types of tires and allows internal inspection by the professional tire repairer.



E.S.R. can easily be applied to any tire chosen by the end consumer, regardless of type, size & brand.



E.S.R. reduces fuel consumption and engine maintenance costs.

Saves tire repair costs and reduces tire wear.

Applied once for the life of the tire.

Its cost is very small compared to the safety it provides.



E.S.R., by achieving tyre pressure at factory levels, reduces CO2 emissions and reduces rolling noise.

The rubber-based resin can be recycled.

It is a 100% ecological product.

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It does not create rust on the rim and the metal parts of the carcass and does not affect the T.P.M. systems.

How does BEST E.S.R. work? 

A new resin that protects car tires in a revolutionary and absolutely effective way has been presented to the International market by BEST Tire Protection Systems Int'l.

The product under the trade name Eco Sealing Rubber (E.S.R.) is a super-cohesive resin with very high viscosity, which is applied on the inner liner of the tire before the damage.

It is an invisible patch that will occur if and when a wound is created on the tread area. If a sharp object penetrates, the resin surrounds it and seals any leaks. When the object is removed, E.S.R. wedges into the opening and creates a permanent and robust patch, completely sealing the leak, saving you from all the possible effects of a flat tire.

The resin behaves as a solid therefore it is absolutely balanced, by the standard procedure.

E.S.R. is absolutely ecological and environmentally friendly.

BEST Tire Protection Systems Int'l guarantees to seal every hole in the tread area up to 6mm.

E.S.R is recommended for any fast acceleration vehicle such as Super car, Sedan, SUV, 4x4, Pick-up, motorcycles, ATV etc. or special armored.

For more information about the mounting device, ESR installation, Technical Data Sheet (TDS), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or any other information, please contact us by filling out the form below.

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